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Workers' Compensation Insurance


MidSouth Mutual Insurance Company (MMIC) is a Tennessee domiciled mutual insurance company formed from the Home Builders of Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Self Insurance Trust (HBATSIT). MidSouth Mutual Insurance Company continues the more than 20 year tradition of providing competitive workers' compensation insurance products and services to commercial trade contractors, homebuilders and related industries. 

Examples of clients we serve include:

> HVAC Contractors

> Plumbers

> Framers


> Building Suppliers

> Cabinetry Contractors

> Flooring Installers


> Brick Layers

> Masonry Contractors

> Dry Wallers


> Carpenters

> Painters

> Siding Installers


> Insulation Installers

> Electricians

> Landscape Contractors





Unlike many insurance companies that provide workers' compensation to a wide range of industries, MidSouth Mutual Insurance Company focuses on commercial trade contractors, homebuilders and related industries. As a result, our experience and expertise in the industry enables us to provide a measure of service and support to clients that others simply cannot meet. Provided below are key points to consider relative to the company:

  • Founded, owned and managed by members to meet their workers' compensation needs
  • Built and structured to smooth out the inevitable ups and downs of the insurance business cycle
  • Enables members to obtain workers' compensation at competitive rates over the long-term
  • Members have ownership in the company and the opportunity to earn dividends
  • MidSouth Mutual has been serving the needs of members since 1995

We invite you to explore the website to learn more about MidSouth Mutual and visit often as we add more resources and capabilities to the site.


MidSouth Mutual Insurance Company Offering A Series of Safety Seminars

MidSouth Mutual Insurance Company (MMIC) understands safety is a one of the keys to any successful construction project and the ongoing success of your company. Consistent with that knowledge, MMIC is offering a series of seminars across the state of Tennessee that covers safety topics specific to construction, such as: personal protective equipment, ladders and scaffolding, electrical hazards, hand and power tools, trenches and excavations, and more. 

If you, or any of your employees, would like to attend one of the upcoming seminars in your area, please click on the link for more information and to register. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen the safety practices of your company!